Community Outreach

An important part of our mission at First Covenant Church is reaching out to share Jesus and the Gospel message in our community.

We do this through large events such as a drive-thru Live Nativity - “Hope Is Born At Christmas”, a walk-thru Easter event “Hope Reborn at Easter", and smaller outreaches such as a Neighborhood Picnic, GriefShare classes, honoring local heroes such as those working at the Police Department and the County Jail, providing a “night out” for women in the Rescue Mission Women’s Shelter and others.
We also train and encourage each other as we build relationships and reach out to those in physical, emotional and spiritual need in our community.

Hope Reborn
Hope Reborn

Experience a vivid recreation of the Easter Story during our Hope Reborn event at Easter time. Walk thru 11 scenes that tell the story of the first Easter.

Check out the Hope Reborn Virtual Experience below.

Community Live Nativity
Community Live Nativity

Our Community Drive-Thru Live Nativity takes place each December. We use 8 scenes to tell the story of Christmas. Check out the video link below for a more in-depth look at the Live Nativity.

Humboldt County Jail Outreach
Humboldt County Jail Outreach

Our church family donated snacks and drinks to give to the Humboldt County Jail staff. Our Evangelism & Outreach team put them all together in gift bags and delivered the bags in mid-October.

Hope Reborn Virtual Experience

2021 Live Nativity

Meet our Evangelism & Outreach Leaders

Keith Martin

Evangelism & Outreach Chair

Char Kellogg

Community Outreach Director